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          Research, development and manufacture of sanitation equipment, environmental protection equipment, special vehicles and other high-tech equipment
          Comprehensive provider of investment and operation of all environmental industry projects
          • National level
            High and New Technology Enterprise
          • Provincial level
            Special Purpose Vehicle Engineering Research Center
          • Northwest
            Specialized Vehicle Test Base
          • Director Unit
            China Urban Environmental Sanitation Association
          •     China Top 500 Enterprises
                A wholly-owned subsidiary of Gansu Construction Investment (Holding) Group Co.


          GanSu Construction Investment Heavy Industry Technology CO., LTD. is a comprehensive provider of sanitation equipment, environmental protection equipment, special vehicles and other high-tech equipment research and manufacturing, investment and operation of the whole environmental industry projects as a whole. It has a provincial-level special vehicle engineering research center and northwest special vehicle test base. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a demonstration enterprise of productive service industry in Gansu Province, a AAA grade credit enterprise, a contract and trustworthy unit, and a director unit of China Urban Environmental Sanitation Association. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gansu Province Construction Investment (Holding) Group Co. The company is located in Lanzhou New Area, the fifth national new area.

          In recent years, the company has continued to advance the "Intelligent Manufacturing + Intelligent Services" synergistic development strategy. On the intelligent manufacturing side, the company has formed three major product systems with sanitation equipment, environmental protection equipment and special vehicles as the core, providing customers with complete sets of equipment solutions for road cleaning, municipal garden maintenance, domestic waste classification and transportation, waste resource utilization, comprehensive domestic waste treatment and village sewage treatment.

          On the intelligent service side, based on the management mode of "Intelligent Sanitation+" and the service mode of "Big Sanitation, Integration and All-Round", we fully apply the intelligent big data cloud platform to provide owners with road and bridge cleaning, urban and rural domestic garbage classification and collection, public toilets We provide sanitation services such as road and bridge cleaning, urban and rural household waste classification, collection and transportation, public toilets, water cleaning and landscaping. At the same time, in the field of environmental engineering, we have been exploring and innovating the end treatment and disposal modes of kitchen waste resource treatment, domestic waste high-temperature pyrolysis treatment, landfill leachate treatment, village and township sewage treatment, and have created a "4+" model that integrates "Investment and Financing, Engineering Construction, Equipment Manufacturing and Operation Services". 4+" model. At present, the company's existing sanitation services, comprehensive treatment of domestic waste, village and township sewage treatment projects are spread across many provinces in China and have been well received by the owners.

          The company takes "Building a Better Home for Mankind" as its mission, upholds the development concept of "Aligning with world standards, integrating with national strategies and coordinating with regional development", and practices the core values of "Integrity, Efficiency, Innovation and Professionalism". The core values of " Integrity, Efficiency, Innovation and Professionalism", taking the opportunity to accelerate the construction of a new development pattern of domestic large cycle as the main body and domestic and international double cycle to promote each other, while responding to the national call of "One Belt and One Road", based in Gansu, serving the domestic and international double market, and making every effort to build two brands of "Gao Mo" at the intelligent manufacturing side and "Gao Mo Environment" at the intelligent service side.We insist on first-class management, produce first-class products, provide first-class service, create first-class enterprise, and devote ourselves to be the leader of the whole environment service manufacturing industry.


          Continue to promote the "Intelligent Manufacturing + Intelligent Services" synergistic development strategy

          Insist on creating a full environmental service manufacturing industry


          Corporate Vision

          To be the leader of environmental service manufacturing industry


          To build a better home for mankind

          Development Philosophy

          Align with world standards integrate with national strategies and coordinate with regional development

          Core Values

          Integrity efficiency innovation professionalism