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          After-sales service culture:

          Our practice of "integrity, efficiency, innovation, professional" core values, adhere to the "professional quality, customer first" service concept, to the customer demand as the guidance, in order to enhance customer satisfaction as the goal, focus on the customer's individual needs, for every one customer "tailor", provide personalized products and services. Term, sign after-sales service agreement with customers. For new energy vehicles, Gansu Jianchou Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. promises to provide no less than 5 years or 200,000 kilometers (whichever comes first) warranty period of energy storage devices such as automotive power batteries, drive motors and motor controllers (after-sales service publicity site: http://www.moscowairporthotelsdme.com/), the warranty period of each model shall be subject to the product manual and certificate of quality. During the warranty period, the quality problem under the condition of non-human fault will be repaired free of charge by Gansu Jiantou Heavy Industry Technology Co., LTD. Outside the warranty period, we will organize maintenance in time and charge maintenance fees according to the actual situation. Gansu Jiantou Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. provides after-sale service for all kinds of equipment and parts that customers install and modify after delivery of vehicles. For the relevant products and parts installed on the model designated by the customer, the relevant quality guarantee shall be made by the designated supplier to the customer, and the after-sales service scope of Gansu Jiantou Heavy Industry Technology Co., LTD. Spare parts supply: our new energy special vehicle maintenance service network provides timely and sufficient spare parts supply for new energy special vehicle. Common accessories are provided by the manufacturer specified by our company's after-sales service department. The core components are directly configured by our company. Our company is committed to provide spare parts within the life cycle of the vehicle. Spare parts will be delivered within three days after ordering.

          1. Service concept

          Professional quality, customer first

          2. Service objectives

          Customer demand-oriented, to improve customer satisfaction as the goal, focus on customer personalized needs, "tailored" for each customer, to provide personalized quality products and services.

          3. Service purpose

          Serve, be responsible for and satisfy users

          4. Service Commitment

          4.1 Strictly abide by the "three guarantees" service. If any quality problem occurs within the "three Guarantees" period, we shall be responsible for repair, replacement and return.

          4.2 Door-to-door delivery, timely supply and product-related installation, debugging, comprehensive acceptance.

          4.3 If there is any quality problem, we will contact the customer by telephone in the first time to understand the details of the problem and solve it.

          4.4 Regular return visit, supply lifelong maintenance.

          4.5 Our party is responsible for solving technical problems in design, debugging and operation, and providing technical training and guidance free of charge.

          4.6 The special after-sales service station shall be established in the vicinity of the place where the customer products are used to ensure that the customer problems can be solved in the first time.

          5. Service criteria

          5.1 Quick Response

          After receiving the customer service information, the after-sales service engineer will reply to the customer within 1 hour to master the detailed information of the site. Determine the solution to start implementation within 12 hours;

          5.2 Quick Arrival

          Service station within 300 kilometers within 24 hours to arrive at the site processing; Arrive at site within 500 km within 48 hours.

          5.3 Fast Delivery

          Service required parts within 72 hours.

          5.4 Fast Barrier removal

          Generally, faults will be handled within 24 hours. For faults that cannot be solved immediately, they will be recorded in time to inform customers of the reply date of the solution and the implementation time of troubleshooting.

          6. Service content

          6.1 Technical Support Services

          Customers enjoy life-long free technical support service.

          6.2 Training Services

          The after-sales service engineer will arrive at the customer project location along with the product, train the operator of the customer unit to correctly use, operate the product and daily maintenance of a full set of skills, and jointly train the senior technician with comprehensive technology with the customer to jointly improve the product guarantee level. Ensure that the operator master the basic structure, basic principle, operation and use of the product and fault analysis and troubleshooting methods.

          6.3 Maintenance services

          1. Service process

          After-sales service center → maintenance center, parts supply station, office → after-sales service network

          2. Service hotline: 400-999-8805

          3. Service network

          The company has set up offices and special maintenance centers, spare parts supply stations in large and medium-sized cities.

          4. The company has nearly 100 after-sales service technicians stationed abroad, and each service area is equipped with after-sales service vehicles, which is convenient for timely and fast service to users.

          In order to effectively protect the interests of customers, timely and effectively deal with customer complaints and feedback, improve service quality, improve customer satisfaction, the company has established a perfect customer complaint feedback mechanism, for each complaint incident, can get a quick and effective response to solve.