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          Gansu Automobile Engineering Research Center

          Gansu Special Purpose Vehicle Engineering Research Center is a provincial engineering research center recognized by Gansu Development and Reform Commission in 2019 [Gan FA Gai Gao Ji [2019] No. 34 document]. It is led by Gansu Construction Investment Gansu Construction Investment Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. and jointly established with Wuhan University of technology. It is the only special purpose vehicle research platform in Gansu Province.According to the needs of social development and market, the research center continuously carries out systematic, supporting and engineering research and development of scientific research achievements with important application prospects for major key, basic and common technical problems in the development of special vehicles in industries and fields, so as to provide mature supporting technologies, processes and technical equipment suitable for the company's large-scale production, And constantly launch a series of new products with high value-added benefits to promote scientific and technological progress in relevant industries and fields and the development of emerging industries.Our business covers the whole process of design and development such as new product R & D, type test and industrial assessment, implements open services, accepts engineering technology research, design and test tasks entrusted by the state, industry or department, local, enterprises, scientific research institutions and colleges and universities, and provides technical consulting services. It has a young, technologically strong, professional and excellent team with innovative cooperation spirit, as well as advanced R & D equipment, SOLIDWORKS, PDM technology management system and other software facilities, hydraulic test bench, rain test room and other inspection and testing equipment.In 2018, we cooperated with Hanyang Special Purpose Vehicle Research Institute to invest and operate the "Hanyang Special Purpose Vehicle Research Institute test base". The first phase of the project invested 11 million yuan. The inspection covers: roll test, side / rear protection test, rain test, environmental protection test, fuel consumption approval test, etc. through the link function of Northwest test base, we provide R & D, inspection, test Calibration and other technical support have enabled the automobile industry in Northwest China to rapidly increase its scale and become bigger and stronger. In the same month, a strategic agreement was reached with China automobile Certification Center. The company acts as a 3C compulsory certification and testing center and a branch of special vehicle product type test and environmental protection approval.In the same month, we reached a strategic agreement with China automobile Certification Center. As a 3C compulsory certification and testing center, we are a branch of special vehicle product type test and environmental protection approval. Adhering to the development concept of "technology leading and sustainable development", we focus on improving the supply quality and efficiency of scientific and technological innovation resources, realize the deep integration of scientific research and industry, and effectively connect scientific research and development with market demand. With the goal of improving the ability of independent innovation and cultivating new driving forces for development, we will focus on the development direction of special purpose vehicle industry in Gansu Province, Continuously enhance the company's R & D capability and technological progress.

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