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          Gansu Automobile Engineering Research Center
          Gansu Special Purpose Vehicle Engineering Research Center is a provincial engineering research center identified by Gansu Provincial Development and Reform Commission in 2019, led by Gansu Jiantou Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. and jointly established by Wuhan University of Technology. As the only special purpose vehicle research platform in Gansu Province, the center aims to carry out key generic technologies in the field of special purpose vehicles, undertake scientific research and development and engineering research tasks, build a deep integration of industry-university-research technology innovation system, highlight the strong joint and large-scale construction, and promote the technical progress of special purpose vehicle industry in Gansu Province. For special purpose vehicle industry to provide technology development and achievements of engineering test, verification environment. The center focuses on improving the supply quality and efficiency of scientific and technological innovation resources, focusing on the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, with the goal of improving independent innovation ability and cultivating new development drivers. Centering on the development of special purpose vehicle industry in Gansu Province, the center will constantly enhance the company's RESEARCH and development capabilities and technological progress, cultivate new development drivers, and lead the technological development of the industry.