Notable Facts About Maryland

Maryland is known by many as the American Miniature thanks to how much quintessential Americana happens to be packed within its small 10,000 square mile state boundaries. Nearly every type of nature setting from the rest of the United States can be found in MD outside of desert land. In fact, sandy deserts would be quite out of place given the abundance of natural bodies of water in the state.

Of course, Maryland has also earned its nickname thanks to how important it has been in the history of the United States at large. It was one of the original 13 colonies and the 7th official state in the union, being officially admitted in late April of 1788. Along with Virginia, much of the land that now hosts the nation capital of Washington DC was originally part of the Maryland territory. The first railroad in the country was also founded within the state.

The “Old Line State” is also another common nickname for MD. This was established during the Revolutionary War. Though the First Maryland Regiment was comprised of only 400 soldiers, they managed to fight off nearly 10,000 opposing British soldiers. As such, General George Washington and his army were able to make a safe escape. Washington was able to depend on this line of defense time and time again throughout the war, earning the “Old Line” nickname that still sticks to this day.

The moniker “The Free State” is also attributed to the state in many circles. This came about in the early 1900s thanks to the ongoing prohibition laws at the time. State citizens opposed the prohibition with great conviction given its violation of their state rights. Given this firm stand against political oppression, the name seems all too apt. It’s especially fitting when considering the state’s role in the foundation of religious freedom and tolerance.

If you’re visiting the state, you should definitely stop by Annapolis. Not only is it the state capital, it’s also home to one of the most vibrant sailing communities in the world. There are events all year long in and around the city and the surrounding Chesapeake Bay. There are even quite a lot of gorgeous resorts in the area that you can stay in if you’d like to take an extended visit. As one of the United States’ most important locales, this is the sort of place you don’t want to leave too early.